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Gaming Nights

Precise PCs will be hosting LAN Nights at the shop after hours once again.
Unlike before we will not be proving hire computers so you will need to bring your own computer, monitor, keyboard,mouse, mouse pad and headphones. You will also be expected to have the required games purchased installed and updated before arriving. Remember this is a mixed age event so alcohol may be present, however excessive drinking or misbehaviour will result in your removal.

The Next Gaming Night announced on the calendar so make sure to subscribe.

Games that must be installed Prior to arriving for this LAN night are as follows:

  • Counter Strike Global Offensive
  • Overwatch

Games that are not required to have however people like to play them:

  • League of Legends
  • GTA V
  • Ark Survival Evolved

Precise PCs often Celebrates Birthdays During these Gaming Events and this one is going to be a birthday for Tyler and Marty(Staff Member).

If your interested in having a Birthday Party at Precise PCs on one of our LAN Nights Feel Free to Send us an email at to organise an event. Charges will be varied depending on type of event so make sure to ask about that.

The rules are as follows:

  • Bring Own Computer
  • Bring Own Monitor
  • Bring Own Keyboard
  • Bring Own Mouse
  • Bring Own Mouse Pad
  • Buy Games before arriving
  • Download Games before arriving
  • Update Games before arriving
  • Do Not Leave Kids Unattended
  • No Hire Computers or other Peripherals
  • No Throwing Food
  • No Swearing (Unless Asked to do so)
  • Do What Our Staff Members Instruct
  • No Excessive alcohol consumption (Unless Asked to do so)
  • $5 Entry Fee

Welcome to Precise Gaming Network
Precise Gaming Network was established in 2014 with its main purpose being a Battlefield 4 clan site however with an increase in the cost of running the servers and Dice constantly nerfing and changing things in the game myself and most of the members lost interest in Battlefield 4 and stopped playing so we cancelled the servers.

Lately our new Ark: Survival Evolved Servers have been populated by staff members at Precise PCs and members of the Gaming/Lan night community. New members are welcome to jump on and have fun there is a Discord server available as well.

If you have found yourself here at Precise Gaming Network you can also post stuff about your favorite games, add links to sites for walkthroughs or post fixes for the never ending problems that go with PC games. If you have any inquiries in regards to this website, servers or suggestions, you can ask on the forums or if you have a private matter you can send a private message on the contact us page. Please Register and login to access the features of this site

Servers List:

  • Ark: Survival Evolved Servers (OC-Official-391 Public Server)
  • Discord Server
  • More to come in the future

Its All About Games.

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